The Integrative Faculty is a group of Enneagram international experts. They provide professional training for coaches and OD practitioners in the Enneagram, accreditation and iEQ9 products worldwide.

Dirk Cloete Founder and Owner Integrative Enneagram SolutionsDirk Cloete is the founder of Integrative Enneagram Solutions, a global Organizational Development and Coaching solutions provider. He has blended his passion for the Enneagram and deep understanding of technology to reinvent the way we develop people and to bring the uniqueness and humanity back into organizations. Dirk trained directly with Claudio Naranjo (4 years, SAT 1,2,3,4 Balzac, 27 Subtypes), Ginger Lapid-Bogda, Beatrice Chestnut, Jerry Wagner, Uranio Paes, Wendy Apple, David Daniels, Russ Hudson, Claus Roager and Positive Psychology with Kathleen Stinnett. His passion is bringing communities together to share and learn and in 2014, 2016 and 2019 he conceptualised, organized and hosted the International Enneagram Conferences attended by +200 international delegates and presenters. Dirk served on the Board of Directors of the International Enneagram Association and presented at several IEA Enneagram Conferences. He is a member of the Enneagram in Business Network.

Diane Ring Austin - USADiane is a seasoned Enneagram practitioner. Using the IEQ, she has coached and trained hundreds of executives, business leaders and teams. She has 20 years of extensive executive coaching experience and owns a leadership development and executive coaching firm in Austin, Texas. Her high-profile clients include executives, managers and technical professionals from small and private businesses to publicly traded, global Fortune 1000 companies. Diane’s comprehensive studies in the Enneagram include training at the Enneagram Institute and with Beatrice Chestnut, Uranio Paes and numerous other Enneagram thought leaders since 2002. She is an accredited IEA professional, holds a certificate in the foundations of NeuroLeadership from the NeuroLeadership Institute and is currently completing the Leadership Maturity Framework Coaching Certification. Client feedback consistently shows appreciation for Diane’s approach to development that includes a deep understanding of underlying motivations and behaviour-focused change process as well as her inspiring, compassionate support that achieves bottom-line results.

Claus RoagerCopenhagen - DenmarkClaus Roager Olsen taught the Enneagram to more than 100,000 people in Denmark and Internationally. He is known for his unique teaching style which is interactive, attentive, empathetic, humorous, motivational and confrontational - but always with great respect. Claus has a background in management and sales and today runs his own school Enneagramstedet, which he founded in 2012. Claus works mainly with large companies in Denmark and regularly presents at international Enneagram conferences.

Claus completed more than 2700 iEQ9 Individual and Team reports since 2012, he is our biggest client and Enneagram supporter globally.

Karl Hebenstreit San Francisco - USAKarl, Ph.D., PHR, ACC has over twenty years of expertise in the areas of Human Resources and Organization Development. He is the author of the Enneagram book “The How and Why: Taking care of Business with the Enneagram”. His clients range from individual contributors to SVPs being coached in interpersonal effectiveness/EQ, strategic thinking, professional growth/development, team-building, and new leadership role integration. He received his Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology from California School of Professional Psychology, his MS in Human Resource Management from Rutgers Graduate School of Management and Labor Relations, his BA in Psychology, French, and Political Science from Rutgers College, and his ICF coaching certification from Fielding Graduate University.

Sean Smith Cape Town - South AfricaSean specializes in translating consumer psychology and customer behavior and trends into actionable business strategies. Sean has a degree in industrial psychology and marketing, studied at London Business School before gaining his MBA from The Graduate School of Business. His corporate experience includes managing the teams that delivered all market research, customer insights, big data analytics, predictive data modeling and the interpretation and prioritization of opportunities for business strategy. Sean worked at two of the world’s largest multi-nationals. Known as a passionate presenter, entertainer and storyteller Sean trained over 3000 students (including MBAs) on customer centricity. Since studying the Enneagram in 2010 it is now core to the work that he does. Sean is finding new ways to bring the Enneagram into business strategy and brand architecture. He joined Integrative Faculty in 2016.

Michelle Bennetts Johannesburg - South AfricaMichelle is trained in the Enneagram and coaches executives around the globe and offers bespoke talks, workshops and transformation interventions, giving an insightful and useful approach to uplifting the individual while inspiring company wellness and productivity. She is a highly experienced facilitator, speaker, management development coach and Enneagram specialist. With 18 years’ experience in training and facilitation, Michelle brings confidence to the classroom. A former stage performer, she is a natural at captivating and engaging with audiences. As a result, she is a sought-after trainer and speaker in the corporate and education sectors.

Susanne Povelsen Copenhagen - DenmarkSusanne is a certified coach, Enneagram trainer, psychotherapist, NLP master, certified PREP-teacher (Preventional Relationship Enhancement Program) and Couple Check-up facilitator. She has 20 years’ experience with the Enneagram, and 25 years’ experience with personal development work. She is the author of The Enneagram and The Enneagram – in short (in Danish) and Board Member of the IEA Global Board 2010-2014 (International Affairs, Affiliates and Accreditation). Susanne trained at The Enneagram Institute Riso and Hudson, Enneagram Exploration and Integrative Enneagram Solution. She has also trained with, among others, Tom Condon, Uranio Paes, Beatrice Chestnut and Michael Goldberg.

Renate Landman Johannesburg - South AfricaRenate is a consultant, facilitator, inspirational speaker and executive coach. She facilitates a variety of interventions in organization development, including leadership development, team effectiveness, communication skills, personal development and strategy. She also lectures in team development and facilitation skills. As a master trainer for several international programmes, Renate trains facilitators as far afield as the UK, Europe and Australia. In her weekly radio programme, A Planet Called Work, she discusses work-related issues.

Lee Freemantle Cape Town - South AfricaLee has over 26 years’ experience as a consultant, coach and facilitator. Lee is a certified Enneagram practitioner and global trainer. She holds a Master’s degree in Industrial Psychology, an advanced qualification in Leading through Relationships and is a certified CTI Co-Active Coaching (UK) coach. Lee’s expertise is in working with senior executives and groups to develop their capacity for insight, choice and action around their most difficult issues and to enable more conscious choices, co-ordinated action and sustainable business results. Lee has coached extensively at CEO and senior management level and is currently working with teenagers to uncover their individual leadership styles and relevant career options.

Vicki Shaw Cape Town - South Africa Vicki has spent over 18 years in the corporate arena culminating in CEO roles in dynamic start-up businesses, including HBD Venture Capital, the Shuttleworth Foundation and Centre for Conscious Leadership. Today Vicki co-owns Lifecycles Personal Development, a leadership development company. She coaches and facilitates individuals, teams and executive teams. Vicki brings a strong understanding of strategy and organizational dynamics to executive and management coaching relationships as well as experience in mentoring teams in all operational disciplines. She holds a BA in Applied Psychology, a marketing degree from the IMM and an MBA from the University of Hull in the UK. She has completed the CTI Co-Active Coaching course and is a member of the International Coaching Federation.

Kathleen Stinnett Santa Barbara - USAKathleen brings over 20 years’ experience in working with individuals and teams to improve performance, engagement and results. Working as a master coach, consultant, and facilitator, she has coached leaders and facilitated workshops for thousands of individuals at all levels of organizations, nationally and internationally. Considered a “coach’s coach”, clients describe her as an energetic, positive force and role model. Kathleen founded FutureLaunch, an organization that provides training, consulting and coaching services to organizations and individuals. She co-authored the book, The Extraordinary Coach.

Casper Oelofsen Johannesburg - South AfricaCasper is an international executive business coach and a thinking partner for his clients. He has a strong background in entrepreneurship, strategy and business consulting. Casper has executive experience in the corporate world. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Economic Science (University of Stellenbosch) and a post graduate certificate in the Design of Mindfulness Based Interventions (University of Stellenbosch Faculty of Medicine). Casper is a registered member of Commensa (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa), The NeuroLeadership Institute (Sydney), The Institute for Mindfulness in South Africa (IMISA), The International Regulator of Coaching (ICRM) and a member of the Stress Coaching Association.

Lindy Amos Melbourne - AustraliaLindy is an accomplished facilitator, coach and change catalyst, with a 20-year track record in facilitating transformational change in people and communities. As the Principal of Collective Possibilities, a boutique consultancy serving public sector organizations, her company’s best work integrates the implicit and explicit use of the Enneagram fused with systems psychodynamics. Compassion and courage underpin Lindy’s practice when co-creating business solutions for her clients.

Marianna Meyer Cape Town - South AfricaMarianna is an Executive and Life Development Coach whose passion for human development fuels, and is at the heart of her work. Synthesised and integrated from the best of Eastern and Western thinking, eclectically selected knowledge from different disciplines have been included in the Whole Systems Intelligence Coaching Model® that she developed during a coaching masters study with Middlesex University. A Master Coach with 18 years coaching experience in business and private contexts, the Enneagram is central to her offerings. Marianna serves as faculty of Integrative Enneagram Solutions’ accreditation process.

Liv T B Vadum Oslo - NorwayLiv is a certified life- team-and business coach and the founder of the Norwegian Enneagram Center. Liv trains individuals and companies to use the Enneagram as a tool to improve personal growth and communications in relations. Liv also sees clients as a Gestalt psychotherapist with focus on creating awareness in a client’s life – with awareness comes choices.

Bonita Nuttall Auckland - New ZealandBonita is a Meta-Coach, Meta-NLP and Neuro Semantics master practitioner, international speaker, and TV journalist. With over 17 years in the communications industry and four years of coaching, mentoring and now facilitating internationally, Bonita has worked with lawyers, coaches, business owners, the police and corporates in Developmental & Presentation Coaching. The IEQ has transformed each coaching experience, accelerating remarkable results.

Yuliya Schamrel Auckland - New ZealandYuliya is a trained Enneagram coach and practitioner. She has a proven track record of using Enneagram for leaders in sales, marketing, human resources and finance, to deliver long-lasting results of sustained change and improved performance. A transformational coach and a visual facilitator, she implicitly and explicitly uses Enneagram in her individual coaching and team dynamics workshops. Yuliya has worked with the Enneagram in South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and Russia and has seen growth and transformational change in both teams and individuals.

Natacha Ciezkowski Brussels - BelgiumNatacha is een gepassioneerde Professional Certified Coach (ICF) getraind in Enneagram, NLP, Systemiek en vele andere domeinen zoals identiteits- en leiderschapscoaching. Haar purpose is coachees begeleiden en inspireren in het stap voor stap (her)ontdekken van hun echte kern en zo hun ware potentieel te ontsluiten. Ze gelooft dat hoe meer facetten mensen blootleggen van hun typische zijn, des te beter ze kunnen ontwikkelen op hun (professionele) levenspad. Natacha startte haar carrière in research, zowel als doctoraatsstudent als in de media, en ging dan verder als communicatiestrateeg en copywriter in de reclamewereld. Ze heeft 20 jaar ervaring als creatieve schrijver in persuasieve communicatie en ondernemer. Natacha is een creativiteits-, inspiratie- en motivatiebooster en ontwikkelt dolgraag Enneagram-gebaseerde tools voor persoonlijke ontwikkeling.

Katrin Van Bladel Brussels - Belgium Katrin heeft een lange ervaring in het bedrijfsleven, zowel als bedrijfsrevisor en als bedrijfsleider. Haar persoonlijke ervaring op de verschillende niveau’s van het bedrijfsleven geeft haar een scherpe connectie met de dagdagelijkse routine waar de coachees mee te maken hebben. Zij brengt haar coachees vanuit een sterk intuïtief aanvoelen tot een beter inzicht in zichzelf, hun patronen en valkuilen. Door haar sterke persoonlijkheid, innerlijke kracht en oneindig geloof en interesse in de mensen kan zij de meest halsstarrige coachee meenemen in een flow van verandering en evolutie. Coachen op overtuigingen en identiteit is voor haar een tweede natuur. De mogelijkheid om mensen te kunnen begeleiden in hun groei en in het bereiken van hun doelen inspireert Katrin het meest in het uitoefenen van haar job als Master Certified Coach (ICF) en als trainer.

Sari Vuohtoniemi Helsinki - Finland My passion is to support and challenge people, teams and organizations to release their true potential and achieve their dreams and goals. With a strong background and nearly 20 years of experience in working with executives and leaders, I am specialized in building agile resilient leadership capability via developing self-awareness, self-management, emotional intelligence, coaching leadership, as well as developing management teams and transforming organisational cultures. My clients appreciate my ability to focus on the most crucial issues and go beneath the surface and beyond the expectations.

Hayden Lee Los Angeles - USAHayden Lee, MCC, is an Executive Life and Leadership Coach. Founder of Hayden Lee Coaching International and Co-Founder of Master Mind Institute. An industry expert and chosen as one of the “Top 20 Best Life Coaches in Los Angeles,” in 2018, 2019, and 2020 by Hayden works with high achieving, highly motivated, and highly committed executives, leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals who are ready to make the changes needed for exponential growth in their personal and professional lives. When Hayden coaches leaders from Fortune 500 and Forbes 500 companies he incorporates the iEQ9 to deepen awareness, which then drastically improves communication and productivity at the team level, and sets the foundation for organization transform. He trained and mentored hundreds of coaches worldwide.