Integrative9 was the organizer and main sponsor of the
International Enneagram Conference 2014 and 2016

Official Conference Website


In today’s world it is easy to instantly access cutting-edge ideas and knowledge online. We can watch videos, listen to podcasts and read articles on practical Enneagram application at the click of a button. We can easily be inspired by our gurus and mentors from the other side of the world, without even having to climb out of bed. But along with this increase in access to information there is a decrease in human connection and sense-making.

The Enneagram conference is an opportunity for this vibrant global community to connect deeply, share their experiences and learn from each other in the real world. The friendships, bonds and business connections we form in person are substantial and authentic, creating a robust sense of community that supports and endures.

Our conference theme attracts diverse contributions from practitioners around the world, asking the tough philosophical questions, sharing case studies and experiences of their innovative applications of the Enneagram and workshopping emerging methods and content with a community of passionate, like-minded peers.

We create shared ownership of our collective future, asking ‘how can all of us build a healthy, thriving community of Enneagram practitioners and enthusiasts?’ The conference invites participants to be fully present, bringing their own questions and learning, and to be open to learning from those who offer different experiences or a different tradition of Enneagram learning. This community is generous in sharing our knowledge and challenges, open to answering questions from each other and we value each other’s contributions. Our community volunteers for panels and discussion groups, collectively pushing the boundaries of our Enneagram knowledge and experience for the greater good.